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Performance support solutions address a specific need, provide just the right information, and are available to the user whenever and wherever they need it. Our performance support solutions often complement training solutions, but they may also be a standalone solution to a particular requirement. Simple printed materials such as a guide book, checklist, or job-aid is performance support, or it may be electronic or mobile job aids if it makes sense for the user and their needs. Performance support tools can also include more complex solutions that support a specific task or software program to improve the performance of the user.

Our Services

We believe that learners must be engaged in meaningful and relevant learning experiences for training to have an indelible impact and ultimately improve performance. Leveraging our diverse expertise and partnerships, we create intuitive, innovative, and engaging learning and performance solutions. Our custom solutions ensure learner engagement, knowledge retention, and improve the performance of your users.

Consulting Services

We strive to determine the cause of the issue in order to suggest the most effective solutions. If training or performance support is determined to be the best solution, we will provide recommendations that are most appropriate for your organization’s goals and your users’ needs, preferences, and interests. If training is not determined to be the solution we will help you identify a solution and establish a way forward.

We rely on a variety of research and analysis methods to determine how best to address your needs. We are experienced at analyses to determine performance discrepancies, learning gaps, and/or to determine user interests and preferences. We are skilled at designing and facilitating interviews, focus groups, and surveys; observing the subject and tasks to gather data; conducting in-depth research; as well as conducting course evaluations.

Interactive Multimedia Instructional Materials

Exemplary training is based on a thorough understanding of the learning gaps and the needs of the organization and learners. Specific learning objectives and solid instructional strategies combined with modern learning theory and an innovative approach to design and development will lead to quality training materials that address operational needs and/or business outcomes.

Technology is a great enabler and force multiplier, and when leveraged appropriately can maximize the effectiveness and reach of training. Our innovative training solutions include a combination of, but are not limited to, intuitive mobile learning solutions such as native apps, web apps, eBooks, and iBooks; gamification; social or collaborative learning environments; and video-based learning content.

We employ an iterative development process, assist in implementing your solution, and determine its ultimate effectiveness through a holistic evaluation process.